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Gone are the days of mass marketing, and in its place appears the world of social media fueled "Word of Mouth". Why invest time into social media? It is fast to set up, easy to keep up to date, and best of all, once it is launched, your network will distribute you companys message for you.

Below are just some of the most popular social media sites used to spread word of mouth about your business or product. Farm Boy PRO has experience and professional training in all of these and many more, and can easily set up and maintain OR teach you how to use them!





Facebook - Use a fan page to attract "Likes" and then deliever posts directly to their home page












Twitter - Share the shortest updates quickly with the ability to attact followers based on subjects








YouTube - Share videos with free storage on the second largest search engine in the world

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Farm Boy Productions Deisgned and Maintains the above pages.




Klout - Track all these results with metrics in one source





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