The History of Farm Boy Productions

farm boy productions logoFarm Boy Productions was created during my final year in high school, back in Bowmanville Ontario. I was required to create a logo to brand my work for the rest of the year, and so the boot was borne. farm boy productions original website

Later that year, during a community project for the same Communications Technology class, I created a website for a local poultry breeder. I was given the project because of my farming background, and although I was not aware of it at the time, my business model was making its self.

After graduating High School, I decided to attend The University Of Guelph and pursue a career in Marketing Management. u of gDuring my first semester, I decided to take a Third Year Website Development Class, where my original website was designed.

Once I had completed my first year of school, I wanted to but my studies to work, and was directed to the Ontario Goverments, Summer Company Program. bruce sargent farm boy productions summer company

The program provided me with funding and mentoring, all of which launched me to here I am today. I was featured in the Summer Company Yearbook and could not me more thankful for the experience.

Farm Boy Productions is now a division of Glacier Farm Media.

And as they say, the rest is history!

Farm Boy Productions Image