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Agricultural Conference Coverage

Does your Agricultural company or organiztion host an Annual General Meeting, conference or workshop?

Whether it is for archive purposes or for sharing with farmers/clients who cannot come to the event in person, Farm Boy Productions can record all/parts of the meeting and create videos to release after the date.

1. Full Presentation Taping

No matter when you hold your meeting - someone will be unable to attend. But if you have Farm Boy Productions tape the full presentations - this will no longer be an issue. We will set up a camera out of the way, and put a wireless microphone on the podium. We can record the presentation, capture the powerpoint and get great audio. Afterward - you can send the web like to anyone who missed the presentations.


2. Conference Coverage

Farm Boy Productions also provides conference coverage services. Picture us as your news service for hire. We will attend your event and do up to three broadcast per day - highlighting keynote speakers, spreading conference news and promoting you conference. This is especially benifitial when you have overlapping sessions - people can have the opportunity to see a recap of a session they missed. These broadcast can also be seen by people unable to attend the conference in person.


ABIC 2013

3. Individual Interviews

Looking for something more fast passed? If it isn't possible for you to share a 30 or 40 minute presentation video, consider an individual interview. We can site down with you keynote or main speakers and produce 5 minute summeries of their presentations. This makes the information easier to handle - and will get more views.


4. Wrap Up Videos

These videos are a fun way to promote your orginazation and event. We will capture key moments and comments from participants and mash it together in a fun wrap up. Participants can even submit their own photos to use in the show.


4. Internet Streaming

We also offer conference streaming or webinar service. There are many options for interactive meetings or one way trasmitting of conference for remote viewsers.



We can also help you find sponsorship for the coverage of your agricultural meeting or conference.

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Conference Coverage Clients:

- Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference

- Ontario Soil And Crop Improvement Association

- Ontario Sheep Marketing Association

- Syngenta Canada

- Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame



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