About Farm Boy PRO and Bruce Sargent

A little about me from my Agriculture Career Profile on Ontario Agri Food Educations YouTube

My name is R. Bruce Sargent and I was born in rural Ontario; as the first son of a dairy farmer and nurse. As soon as I was old enough to walk and talk I have performed as the main worker on our family farm which has proved demanding and beneficial. I loved and will never take for granted the opportunity I had growing up on a farm.

I started Farm Boy Productions in University as a way to apply my Marketing Degree to my work. During 3/4 of University I grew the business and completed classes. When I graduated I had more then enough work to make it my full time job. After two months, I was approached to join Glacier Farm Media, in a partnership. Now I have a coop student working for me and I travel across Canada working for Agricultural companues.

I grew up on my families dairy farm in eastern Ontario. 4-H and the dairy industry were a big part of my up bringing.


I am very passionate about agriculture and promoting it to the general public.

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